UK Commercial Flat Roofing Specialists 

Look no further for UK specialists in bespoke commercial flat roofing, cladding, guttering and maintenance solutions. 

How we work 

You’ll receive competitive and efficient commercial flat roofing services approved by leading roofing and cladding manufacturers with optional extended warranties. 
We specialise in flat and pitched roofing design, installation, refurbishment, and maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings. 
We’re a trusted provider for leading construction companies, architects, property owners and managers.  
We’re happy to work on new construction projects and existing structures such as leisure centres, showrooms, retail sites and offices. 
Commercial Flat Roofing
Sword Dynamic Services
UK Commercial Flat Roofing Specialists
You’ll deliver fast, safe and effective flat roofing projects with the help of our designers and skilled on-site teams. 
No matter how large or small your project, we’ll work in partnership with you to provide a seamless roofing solution.  
Let’s start building our relationship today. 

Why choose a flat roof? 

From liquid applied and felt roofing to architectural aluminium and green roofs, there are cost-effective, waterproof, and durable options for any application. 
The versatile materials now available for flat roofs are often more cost effective than traditional roofing because installation is faster. Our preferred roofing suppliers include Protan, Marley, Resitrix, and SIG. 

We can help! 

Whatever your project and the finish you’re looking for, we can recommend long-lasting solutions to meet your needs. 
Our experienced roofing professionals work closely with you to find the best approach. 

Commercial Flat Roofing Options: 

Liquid Applied Roofing 

A high performance polyester based roofing with a modified performance coating. A good option for strength, flexibility and durability with easy detailing. 

Single Ply Flat Roofing 

Excellent flexibility makes single ply a good option when you application requires some movement. Ideal for low-pitched, flat and green roofs. 

Built Up Felt Roofing 

Layers of felt built up using a special roofing felt adhesive, polyester underlay and cap sheet. A good alternative to liquid applied roofs with built-in resilience. 

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering 

A roofing solution isn’t complete without effective water management. Our installation and maintenance services keep your roof watertight. 

Green Roofing 

The trend for green roofs is spreading across the UK. Green or ‘living’ flat or pitched roofs feature perennial plants on top of a waterproof membrane. 
The extra layer of insulation absorbs and reflects sunlight and reduces energy use. It also helps absorb sound, providing a quieter environment. Compared with traditional roofing, rainwater run-off is reduced to help minimise localised flooding and strain on drainage systems. 
As many businesses explore ways to improve the sustainability of their operations, green roofs have a lot to offer. They create a habitat for wildlife and help to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions. They can also contribute towards BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) credits. 

Get in touch 

For further information, please contact Sword Dynamic Services. 
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