UK-wide roof leak detection testing 

Accurate and effective roof leak detection helps prevent major water damage to your property. 
In many cases faults, leaks and potential problems are difficult to see with the naked eye. However, our non-invasive testing processes quickly identify faults and leaks so you can keep your roofs in good condition. 
Extremes of heat and cold, building works, wear and tear or installation faults can all cause roof coverings to fail. Including leak detection as part of your regular maintenance plans helps avoid issues and prolong the life of your roofs. It’s a priority for private landlords, local authorities and social housing providers, tenants, and facilities managers. 
Let’s discuss your roof leak detection testing requirements today. 

Electrical roof leak detection 

Wet testing can highlight issues over a test area using a detector unit and the conductivity of water. 
It highlights leaks and holes in the roofing membrane. It’s a good option for single-ply, asphalt, bitumen and liquid applied flat and low pitched roofs. The process isn’t affected by membrane or coating thickness. 
Alternatively, dry testing using an electrode brush is a faster option although the membrane thickness affects results. Making sure this is accounted for during set up is essential. The entire surface must be completely dry although moisture beneath the membrane due to leaks can improve conductivity. This method is suitable for most roof coatings and membranes. 
Thermal imaging detectors can indicate trapped moisture to help you plan your preventative maintenance programme. They can also show if there are areas of your roof that aren’t adequately insulated. 

Compatible roof types 

Single-ply membranes 
Hot melt 
Cold applied liquids 
Glass reinforced plastic 

Repairing defects in your roof 

Following your leak detection testing you’ll receive a full report identifying any issues with recommendations for localised repairs where appropriate. 
If more extensive work is needed our expert roofing team can advise you about the best solutions, materials, methods and safe working practices. We’ll be happy to provide you with a full and detailed quotation. 

How long does roof leak detection take? 

Depending on your roofing materials, the area of your roof and accessibility limitations, your survey can be complete in days. You’ll know in advance when you will receive your report and recommendations. 
This will include a plan of the tested area, the location of any faults and photographic evidence when needed. Our qualified drone survey pilots can also provide images of the whole area if required. 

Get in touch 

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