Solar Roofing Nationwide 

As energy prices increase more and more businesses and homeowners are installing solar roofs. 
How it works 
On-roof and integrated solar roof panels help reduce energy costs. 
They are installed on top of your current roof or integrated to become part of it. When you integrate solar panels with roof tiles you’ll have a greener and completely waterproof solution. 
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How Solar Panels work 

Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells convert sunlight to electricity. In most cases, you don’t have to change your roof structure to install them. 
To use modern integrated solar panels, existing roof tiles are simply removed to expose the felt and batten roof. Plastic trays are fitted and the PV cells are mounted into them. 
Slates or roof tiles are then used to fill around the trays for a seamless finish. Integrated roof tiles give a more streamlined and attractive finish but are usually a little less efficient than on-roof solar panels. 

Retrofitting Integrated Solar Roofs 

You can retrofit integrated solar panels to your existing roof, but this is more complicated and costly than on-roof panels. 
Ideally, in-roof solar panels are installed when you are building a new property or re-roofing. Many new builds include integrated solar panels. 

Solar Panels for your Business 

Both big and small companies are recognising the benefits of installing commercial solar panels. 
Most businesses operate and need most of their energy during daylight hours, so installing solar roofing makes good sense. 
There’s a good business case for commercial solar panel installation. You can produce green energy for your business to use, reducing electricity costs. Simply compare the lifetime cost of your solar roof installation and the savings you’ll make on your electricity bill. 
Your company also benefits from an independent source of energy, helping you manage your operating costs. This also protects your business from changing energy rates. A sustainable business strategy is also important for your customers. You’ll have a good story to tell about how you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

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